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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Seed Stitch Cardigan

Saw this on the back of a magazine that came in recently. Its from Classic Elite Yarns
Fell in Love Immediately! I've been spinning some pretty handpainted yarn thats Easter or Baby pastels that would work so well! I just happen to have some lime roving my friend Sascha(Aussie epal) sent me years ago that would really look good as the trim. Its just enough!!

I also, fell in love with a shrug and cami set. From Knit n Style Magazine. I hate the color so would probably do it in white or a seafoam green.. which are yarns I have on hand. I have alot of the seafoam green. Now that I think about it.
So many projects so little time. Just so ya know. Almost done with the baby bunting. Jyll is due in July .. if I'm lucky she won't be early (lucky for me not her). I'm sure she'd like to be done NOW!

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Norah said...

Wow, cute choices!