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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Things are Moving Along

Been rather busy this month. I had yet another cold. Hopefully the last. Got my new glasses...I can SEE!
Children have been moving. ALL of them.
Jerico moved to Oxnard California to work for a shipping company. He seems very happy there.
Wyatt and Jyll have been searching for a house to buy. They are Pregnant again..due in July. We think they finally found a nice Manufactured home, North of Marysville. Thats if the owner will fix the roof, broken window and some water pipe issues. He says he will so ... Fingers crossed.
Marshall has decided he'd rather live up here then in Redmond. He rented an Apartment about 5 min from Us. If things go right. Moving day is today. So, this will be short.
Been working on Fingerless gloves for a couple people. Almost done with all of them. They go fast. Pictures when they're done. Also have a Gold shawl in progress for my friend Judy who liked her Red one so much she asked for another.
Went to St. Distaff day put on by the local spinners guild. 168 people were counted. I know a couple didn't get counted so the place was JAMMED. I thought it bad when I first got there and found a stamp size spot to put my wheel. Then a couple I met last year showed up..I squished them in.. then Liza showed..squished her in on the other side. Unbelieveable. We had a Great time. I bought a lb. of lavender blue roving of Merino and tensil. The color just kept calling me. It hasn't stopped either. But, I'm being very good and finishing one thing before I start another.

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