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Monday, March 27, 2006

Kellden Leonard Coles - March 24,2006

Yup I know, Babies babies babies!! This young Gentleman is the new son of Jami. Jami is Jylls twin sister.
Heres a picture of J&J together. Jami is the one without the hat.
Congratulations Jami!!
And yes, Jyll is the other one that is pregnant. Not to be out done by her sister.
Its confusing I know. Jami had a boy and Jyll(my daughter in law) is expecting a boy late this summer.
Whats even funnier is that Jami's oldest daughter ,Nikki, calls me "Grandma Aunt" ... which I love.
The amount of baby knitting I have planned is beyond HUGE..I'm so behind that I'm finishing things that I started for one or two babies back!!
No offense ladies.. but you can both stop now!! Please

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Norah said...

Wow, what a cutie! Congratulations to Jami!