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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Last Weekend

Just a little baby update. Wyatt, Jyll and the kids came up last weekend. So, heres a recent picture of Bryce..and yes thats me.
Speaking of mothers. Marshall was in the backyard working on the dining table top with his back to the big Maple tree. When his older brother came out to smoke..he was like.. "Mmmm, Marshall, look behind you!!" This is a picture of the ,not to amused, mama Raccoon..with 3 half grown Raccoon children who came to my yard to eat apples. My tree just dropped a bunch. Only to be met by a large (good looking) human male making annoying noises(sanding) they decided to climb the tree and take a nap. Hoping he'd go he didn't. Eventually they did. This is the most babies I've seen with a mama raccoon. I thought they only had 1 at a time?? Could these be triplets? Well, anyway. My husband cleaned up the apples. We don't want our cats attacked..or our kids.


Anonymous said...

It it wrong that I "aww"d at the baby and loudly squeeled and giggled over the raccoon?

I thought so.

Anne Turner said...

Yea Pam, thats pretty wierd! Lol

diosaperdida said...

yeah...racoons can get very brave, and cheeky.
I have yet to have one turn agressive..but I keep a respectful distance, and as you...try not to have any temptations for them.
I had to learn the hard way by having them steal everything from dogfood to birdseed.