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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Spinning Spinning Spinning

I did finish the "not so ugly shrug" out of my pink homespun. I used two buttons instead of making it a tie front. I don't need that extra bulk up
Now, I'm working on something similar out of the Purple yarn that Sascha sent me last Christmas. Something, crocheted filet but not quite sure what it is yet..just along the lines of the shrug but longer with longer sleeves. Thats the beauty of can grow as you go!
To say I've been spinning alot is an understatement. I have 6 fleeces and a ton of other fiber to spin. I need to get with it. Martha's wool is white and springy and lovely to spin long draw. I've done 6 huge fluffy skeins so far. Martha is the sheeps name. The black is named Beauty. Haven't done much with it yet.
A friend is sending me another fleece she found when she was moving. She already gave me one!! I've got an abundance of Riches. People may expect sweaters this year or next.. thats for damn sure!!

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