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Friday, February 16, 2007

My Valentine Presents

I received some beautiful flowers and a sweet card from my husband. BUT, I also received the package from my Epal Sascha who lives in Australia. I really look forward to getting the boxes from her. Besides the Licorice she always includes, she always sends the neatest made gifts and Roving/yarn. This year she sent both. I'll try to get pictures.. My camera doesn't love me anymore so I have to use Bills.
She sent me a few ounces of roving in a fuschia/blue/purple colorway called sassperilla. Some GORGEOUS boucle yarn in a black/purple/green colorway. Felted clogs with (must be) triple thick sole. Felted balls for my kitties...which Mystic fished out of the corners with her paws before I had a chance to give them to her. And, a felted Head warmer..for one of the grandkids..tho it fits me and I'm tempted to keep it. Looks like bart Simpsons hair..or a crown thas seen better days. Which is giving me ideas to make crowns with jewels on them for the kids.
I also finished 2 commissions for Village yarn and tea. Handmade beads for Victoria and another batch of Threading hooks. Again.. Pictures when I can. Running the beads threw the kiln one more time this morning.
Also been knitting more fingerless mitts out of the dark blue/orange that I spun.
Rebecca got her present around Valentines day with the finished Fraternal mitts that look really nice.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice V-day. The mits for your pal turned out great!

I can't wait to see your finished beads. Saturday, maybe?

Anne Turner said...

I'm hoping to get them to her tonight but I just started the kiln so who knows.

Sharon Rose said...

Both the mitts and beads are fabulous! Great seeing you Saturday. :)

Anonymous said...

Annie!!! I need an hook for my new purchase-you'll have to check out the blog.
Would you be interested in making one for me? Pretty please.

Anne Turner said...