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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Just when you thought Spring was here.

I was so admiring my neighbors Crocus. Mine are under a tree and take a little longer to open.
I get a call from Jerico (my oldest son) saying, "I'd take you to lunch but it seems to be snowing!" HUH?? Grrr. It sure is pretty tho' and we went to lunch anyway. I'm not afraid of a little snow.
When I woke up this morning there is more then a About 4 inches. The kid in me says "Whooo hoooo!!" No, the kid isn't dead yet!

Got a new book. Lots of cute ideas. I was surprised that it was knitted felt that had to be cut. But, there are several patterns I love so I may try knitting up some wool on my Bond knitter to felt.


Barb said...

Your flowers are so pretty with their white background. I love your bead work too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful crocus picture! And that felt book looks *very* interesting. Bring it Saturday?