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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Marie's Spindle

ome of you have met my friend Marie. She is the neighbors daughter who came to the door at the age of 2 and asked if Marshall could play. I should mention that we had 4 in of snow and the only thing she was wearing were shoes. They were always best friends and she grew up here as much as she did at her moms. They climbed the trees in our yard. Marie and I spent alot of time together when she got older. I even homeschooled her for a year. She and I learned to spin together. She lives in California now.. she joined the Marines. She emailed me the other day and ask if I could get her a spindle and some roving. She missed spinning.
Well, I didn't wanna get her just any spindle. I thought if Bill (known as Mr. Bill to all the kids) could make her a spindle it would be MUCH more special. She loved to tease him and he her. I think he misses the Sassy girl who would steal his socks right off his feet and call him Dad (much to her mom and my He thought about the spindle for a week and started it yesterday. His very first attempt. Its made out of wood from our big old maple tree and the Royal Anne cherry tree (that is now gone). Both trees that she and Marsh climbed. As I recall she liked to sit in the Maple tree. So, I'm hoping it will be one of her favorite things. I think "Mr. Bill" wanted it to be extra special.. turned out pretty, didn't it? It weighs about 2.25 oz. A comfortable size for someone who spins worsted weight/chunky yarn. Hope she loves it!!


Anonymous said...

That is going to be a great gift. It turned out great.

Sharon Rose said...

Terrific story! I'm sure her Marine buddies would love to hear it. *smirk* And what a gorgeous spindle! Well done, Mr. Bill!

Norah said...

It turned out beautiful! What a great present.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gift. Beautiful too.