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Monday, March 19, 2007

Obligatory Post

I know.. I know.. I haven't said anything in ages. I'm knitting on one of Victoria's necklaces with one of My beads. I guess I should make ONE being I made 44 beads for VY&T. Thats been alot of fun. I didn't get any pictures because either my camera isn't working or husband can't take decent pictures of the beads.. to much glare off the glazes. This time I used some bright gold on them. Very fancy.
I also Spun up 2 lbs of Bubblegum pink roving. It made 9 skeins..not sure on the yardage. Was never any good at figuring that stuff. Next to spin is the shiny hot pink that Terri brought me back from Blacksheep last summer. Its gorgeous!!
Seems all I do lately is go knitting and stay home. I'm getting so boring.
Now its raining again.. so I'm stuck cleaning.. knitting.. spinning.. and playing Final Fantasy XI..sigh


Sharon Rose said...

I can vouch for her beads - they are beeuuutiful!!!

Barb said...

Good to hear you are busy in a fun way. I will have to get over to VY&T and check out your beads there.

Anne Turner said...

You could come in Saturdays ,Barb. I miss seeing you!