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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bathroom Chic

Some of you know the Saga of the Shower surround. For those of you who don't I'll give a short recap.
The Saga Begins: We built our addition starting when we were in our late 20's. Its never really been finished. But, it will work for now. When does make do become forever?
Many moons ago ..maybe last summer (and 30 yrs later). My husband finally found the shower surround he wanted for our upstairs bathroom(aka The "I've seen nicer bathrooms in condemned buildings). $700 later we had the kit arrive only to find out that it had been damaged. Box was torn and pieces munched a little. I called the company and they put through the Damage paperwork and about 3 weeks later we got another kit! This time it had wooden palettes all around and was perfect. I asked the secretary if we had to ship the damaged one back..hee hee.. Nope!! I like that! Maybe we can use the damaged one on the downstairs tub. Shhh, its a secret! Since that time the shower wall pieces have been in the hallway to my bedroom. I run my fingers over the faux tiles every night and dream.
The further adventures of a shower stall:
Saturday.. the weekend before the 4th of July.. out comes the shower pan. Ooops, broke the previously broken corner, again. We bought it in a salvage yard. Well, the first time we fixed it we were in our 30's..we know more now. Lets make a mold of the good corner so he can fiberglass it proper this time. Sounds like a deal to me!! I can help!! I've been a potter for 25 years. I've read many articles on mold making. Did some research on the internet and First mold was Plaster of much water..crumbled.. Hello garbage can. #2 was a cement product.. worked PERFECT. Not to dramatic.. and very interesting. We love working together.

Three days of Fiberglassing and you can't tell it ever was broken. Three trips to Lowes to buy and return Cement backerboard etc. A Special Tub paint kit makes it so bright white and perfect ya need shades to look at it.
In between layers of fiberglass he took care of any rot in the floor (was a bit, mmm, well alot). Bill fixes all that... bang bang bang till all hours. It is 4th of July week we figured no one would really notice. So far so good!
Oh oh, What do you mean you put a screw threw the cold water pipe?! WHAT? We can't even use the toilet? SIGH!! Not that sitting on the toilet and talking to him in the garage through the hole in the floor was such a wonderful thing, Not to worry. He'll fix it!!
So.. as of the 4th of July.
1. Shower pan refiberglassed- looks better then ever
2. Painted with special paint
3. Walls and floors ripped out and replaced with new wood. Do I want a Linen closet (HELL YA)
4. Cold water pipe these things happen. In the works as I type.

Tomorrow he's back to Boeing and can relax for a few days. I'm sure he'll work in the eventings on it. But the real nasty messy work is mostly over. Not to worry... we have a 2nd bathroom.
OH OH I hear water running in the Garage!!!!
To Be Continued

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Ginger said...

Oh, my, hope the water wasn't anything serious. eeek