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Saturday, April 05, 2008


Finished the Heartstrings Smoke ring long ago. Made a fluffy pink scarf after ..which I haven't even worked the ends in yet on.
Right now working on a Feather and Fan comfort shawl. Definately NOT in the colors of the pattern page. Ewww! Going to make it as HUGE as I can manage it. So far, I've used the Potluck and some Baby DK. I can see alot of 4 oz balls of yarn around here that would look good with it.

Spent some time and money organizing my "yarn" room aka the spare bedroom. New drapes (fuschia and moss green silk with embroydery) and a 4 and 3 drawer plastic units that got most of the yarn under control. Oh and a round rug with a blue border and flowers all over. The room looks amazing and way less cluttered.

Marshall started his new job for Volt/Microsoft. He won't or can't tell me anything about it. Just that he's being trained and shadowing another guy. Sounds a bit boring but I hope he's paying attention for when the place melts down. Kidding.

I'm finished killing Vampires and the like. Won Oblivion and moved on to Fable which I've almost won. Started playing Final Fantasy XI again but not nearly as much.

Its kinda SPRING
if you count an inch of snow as spring?? Snowed everyday for a week and melted during the day or never stuck to the streets. Weather is the wierdest I've seen in 20 years when I lost sight of all the easter eggs I'd put out for the kids under 6 inches of snow on Easter.

Otherwise, just hanging with my knitting friends...yea girls..and Roger.

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