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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Family Crap- read at your own risk

Ok.. here goes.. you ready?

So.. My brother thought he was having a heart attack on Tues.. Called an aid car. They couldn't get their gear into his messy apt (Its raining Junk mail in there). Off to the hospital.. So, no heart attack..maybe its acid reflux..back home he goes. Next day he can't breath..maybe pneumonia..that explains the chest pain too. Back he goes to the hospital..this time driving himself. I don't hear from him till the next day.

Seems they did a cat scan and he has a mass behind his heart. 11 years ago he had a cyst removed from there. BUT, no.. its not a cyst. Checked him into the hospital on Thurs. and then Friday they do a needle biopsy. Its now Sunday. He's still in he hospital and we don't know if he's going to need surgery or chemo or what.

Went on a HUGE crying Jagg this evening. Frustration setting in. Worry about my brother (Mike, by the way is his name) Worry about his insurance. They may have him in there for a week or more. Worry about,Who's gonna take care of him? Will anyone have to take care of him?? Should I go shovel out the junk mail from his apt.

God.. AND Imagine how he feels!!

Ok.. Rant finished... sigh

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Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion: in order to be doing something, maybe you could go pack up the junk mail in neatly stacked boxes. Then it's easier to deal with whatever happens.

Best wishes for your brother.