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Monday, June 01, 2009


Well, I got my "Assignment" from Terri Shea. Its a cute hat with little people on it. Can't show you..its a secret...shhhhh!
I've pulled it out twice and now I believe I've got it!! goes on. A rediculous amound of Drama coming from all directions. I imagine all of you have experienced the same. Ran into my friend Georgia yesterday and she asked me how I'd usual..when I mentioned the drama of past weeks she nodded wisely and said, "oh yes, the planets are all messed up. Should be ok for the rest of June" whew!! She's always been my Astrology source.

I don't think I could stand to get hit in the head again!! Oh yes, never hang a metal candle lantern over the bed. No matter how sexy it is. Because, when you shake out the blankets while making the bed you "WILL" knock it off. If your lucky it will NOT hit you in the head and arms like it did me. Scared my hubby really good!! I just would not stop bleeding. Really thought I'd have to go to the hospital. But, all is well. Jangled nerves are soothed and body is healing.

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