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Friday, July 10, 2009

Off to get Lunch.. at .. wait for it-------------

Oh SNAP!! LOOK whats moved into the old Arctic Circle building in Mountlake Terrace!
Its called "Red Onion". I've been watching them repaint and fix up the old building. Trying not to get to excited. The last place in there was beyond HORRID. They put up thier new signs yesterday and it had the website on it so I looked it up.. for shits and giggles..and..

You'll never guess who bought the place.

Shawn and LaRae who owned Fifth ave. bar and grill in Edmonds!! Yes.. totally serious!!! My knitting buddies and I used to go down there all the time. We actually cried when they closed Fifth ave B&G. Such NICE people. I'm so excited to go down and visit them.

After I go feed Marshalls cat, Angel.. who is not in any way shape or form anything angelic. She always gives me the.. "Oh its you.. am I going to the vet to be molested again?" Look. She'd spit on my shoes if she could.

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