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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Fall is here and freezing my A** off. Wishing I had made better 'house' sweaters. I'll have to think on that.

Been working on Terri's sock. Which she kindly took back to finish. I don't think I could have looked at it another 10 min. Its beautiful but I was just done. If it had been for me, I would have parked it for a month and come back to it. lol.

On a family note..Jerico is back and is getting his drama fixed without me... YA!!

Bill's and Marshall's Birthdays this month. Fun times. Why is it I can never think what to get 'men' as presents? problem. But, men are difficult.

This month we were introduced to a number of oddities. Having nothing to do with knitting. The first is "The Guild" web comedy series. AND, the damn song that is stuck in my head and won't go away.."Do you wanna date my Avatar". You gotta be a gamer to appreciate this site. Well it helps. Not to forget "The Legend of Neil" a naughty spoof on The Legend of Zelda. Also, a game.

The boys went to Steampunkcon yesterday. Had an awesome time and came home with some crazy stuff. Like a shirt that has a Union logo on the chest..that says.. Mad Scientist Union #42(which we all know, from Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy ,is the meaning of Life). Marshall came home with Goggles and a bag.
Looks kinda creepy and dangerous(sexy, I'm his mother..I didn't say that) doesn't he? Not bad for a Phone picture.

Knitting.. oh I'll get back to it. Threw my upper back out cleaning a bath tub. Well actually, getting up from cleaning it. Been hurting bad for about a week. But, its getting better. A professional massage and several amature ones have helped alot.

Still looking forward to all my sweaters (to finish) and I got a new one too. Can't find the picture so I'll get back to you on that.

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