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Monday, March 21, 2011


Busy busy month. Not all in a good way either. I won't state the obvious...the picture kinda does that. I can't stop watching NHK international.

Nearly done with Jayda's pretty when its totally done. I made a mistake in the beginning. It said to do x rows knit then one purled to make a easy turn over hem. Which I totally missed. SO (sigh), when I finished the skirt and bodice, I carefully cut off several rows along the bottom and knit down to make a scolloped hem. Imagine my relief when it turned out beautiful. Really the only thing left is about half the sleeves and sewing on the buttons. I sure hope she loves it!

Another wrinkle in this month, on the good side (depending on how you look at it) is that Jerico got called to go back to work!!! Finally! After all the rain, snow and freezing weather he gets to work in........M A U I life is hard. Its only for a month Also on the good side, I get to dig around in my (his) room and get all my projects to an area where I can get at them. While I was doing that I found his old Passport (under a stack of bags of roving). We thought it had been stolen...YEAH!!

AND, I found all the pink roving I had been seaching for!! And, all my spindles so I can spin small amounts to make my dragon (pictured below) in shades of Purple and teal and a smidgeon of Fushia. At least thats the plan. Happy Dance.

But......I miss Jerico and his unshaven kisses to my cheek...outa no where. I miss the crazy stories punctuated with this and that. :) I know he's a grown up and needs his own place again. But for now.....I'm just missing him. Sniff

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Unknown said...

Hi Annie,
Read this drivel all the time!! Love your posts. Stay..uummm..coolll. we just got done witha massive heat wave here in SW NY state.
Lil and Family