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Sunday, March 02, 2014

More happenings from late 2013

So, last summer at June Faire,  I introduced Marshall to a local gamer friend of mine.  Liz and I hadn't met up to this point but you can see she had an impact.
Marshall house on Thanksgiving

                                               with  Liz!  Was Awesome

                            All of Wyatt's kids had fun playing games on Marshall's BIG flat screen tv.
                                     Sorry no pic's of Wyatt.  He was taking the pictures.
                      Liz draws..alot.  She designed this dragon and I beaded it into a bag.
                                     Marshall and Liz on their way to the Seattle Steamcon
                      Liz cooking in the wok she asked for... for Christmas (at Marshall's house)
                          A peyote stitch bracelet I made for Jerico's Girlfriend Katie. My first Peyote                  stitch  project.  I did pretty well for not having a pattern..only a picture.. to go by.
                                Marshall's new couch..Venetian Red sectional is spectacular!!
                    Marshall and Liz's Valentine trip to Orcas Island.  Cute couple huh?


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