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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Flower Basket Shawls

both Flower Basket Shawls
Lots of hard work but they are both finished and blocked. I tried to get a good shot of them on me but I can't seem to not make a mess of it. I have such a horrid urge to make another...thats sick,huh? How many of these things do I really need?
The Pink one is Alpaca from Knit picks lace weight doubled. The other is from Australia..sent by Sascha (a long time E-pal) who sends me the coolest stuff every Christmas. Wish I had a webpage for this yarn company but they are not on the web as of yet. sigh!!
Guess I have to work on the Sari waste/Merino sweater now. Unless I find something else to make.

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Jyll said...

omg those are soo beautiful, the pic is awsome!!