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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Few of the Things I'm Working on

A Bunting and a sweater from Oat Couture
And a little cute cable sweater from Plymouth yarns
There are 2 of my own design that are half done and a couple baby blankets made of Homespun or Baby homespun
and I've gotten several patterns into my Estonian garden shawl.
Hopefully, I will be knitting more for Terri
Who is putting together a book of Antique Nordic mittens patterns. She recently had her house broken into and her laptop stolen. All that work...Pfft.. gone!!! But, in the process she learned some new ways of doing things. So, it hasn't been a totally bad thing. I'm loving some of her more recent knitting for this book. There is nothing quit like it... wishing her all luck. Not just because I've done some knitting for it too
Oh and for myself I ordered this pattern. I LOVE the back but I think the sleeves have gotta go! I'll think of something else.


Norah said...

Love those patterns! What color are you making the sweater for you?

Anne Turner said...

I really haven't decided. I'm a fan of purple but I'm trying, without much luck, to use other colors. I DO have some lovely seafoam green encore. Maybe it will work. I just got the pattern yesterday and need to read it before I decide It is pretty isn't it?
Glad to see you here Norah, I've missed you. Come knitting again ..when you can..please?

Anonymous said...

WOW, that is a cool sweater!! Get to it, I wanna see!!! haha