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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Marshall started his new job the 10 th of July.. and they moved to their new place in Bothell-Sunday. About 30 miles commute difference. Monday was intensely hot and bright. Evidently, Marshall didn't see the two trucks in front of him jam on their brakes.. chain reaction accident and blam..his lil Probe made friends with a Ford F-150 (pickup, 4x4).. slid under the bumper and Trailer Hitch. He's ok.. maybe a vertebre out in mid back. Truck didn't have any damage at all!! He just kept repeating Fuck! over and over.. all day. Bet I would have too and cried probably as well.
Bill and I have been disassembling the front end all day. It should be totally fixable but what a pain. Radiator is a total mess.....but the engine seems fine. He drove it the rest of the way to work. It was steaming but it was running. We brought it home on a little trailer with its front wheels off the ground. He drove it onto the trailer. whew!!
But, guess who gets to drive him to and from the new job (only 22 miles round trip)? Moi!! More quality time with my youngest son! Not the ideal way to get more time with him.. fer sure!
Maybe ,I should knit him a chainmail bra for his car when we get it put back together.. with spikes or something!!
OH and THANK (insert diety here).. that he had his seatbelt ON!


Anonymous said...

I found your blog, lol you are famous when I google-ed you.


Anne Turner said...

yup, poor spelling wins out, afterall