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Monday, September 11, 2006

Great Wise Woman....Adventures in Dyeing

You all, no doubt, know I'm the most brilliant person in the Universe..right? Aliens come to ask me questions as if I'm a great Wise woman ...right?
Then, good reader, why are my hands PURPLE?
Could it be..maybe..that I don't know JACK about dyeing yarn?
Yup, I think thats it. Not only are my hands (slightly) purple but a good portion of my front yard and the table that I used.
I ,very carefully, covered the table with sheet upon sheet of cling wrap..overlapping carefully. Laid out my 8 skeins of yarn which had been soaked in vinegar water. I put my rubber gloves on (dr. kind) and proceeded to dye my yarn Purple and Teal (why is it Grey??). Ok that went alright but where everything went horribly wrong was as I finished dyeing. The liguid started leaking out of my carefully folded joinings. All over the ground...panic set in. I ran and got several large ziplocks and thrust the offending yarns in them.. rinsed the bags so no dripping threw the house. Nuked them in the Microwave for 3 min each..only one exploded. Sigh.....Need I continue? Oh, you ask, how did I get purple hands? The gloves ruptured somewhere along the way and filled with dye.
At this writing WHITE cat is upstairs sleeping and the black one I'm not to worried about. But, can you Imagine if Mitzie (the white one) decides she has to pee? Walks across the grass in the front yard and aquires a new name..something like Plum or Purp I should close the doors!! EGAD.
The thick gloves, dye one or two skeins at a time..not 8. Don't wear anything you wanna ever wear again..and black shoes. At least I lost the white shoes first thing..being a wise woman, I did see that possiblity occuring.
So, now, in my wisdom.....I have learned a valueable lesson. And, taught one as well. Hopefully, you learned from my mistakes. If work is done.
My Purple and mmm greyish yarn is now drying in the front yard. Frightening the Neighbors and the birds as doubt.


Anonymous said...

Purple and grey sounds pretty to me. =)

Anne Turner said...

It actually turned out Purple and a denim-like blue. I'll post a picture.

Jyll said...

lol sounds like a exciting day :)