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Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturday and the Grandkids

Just some Grandma brag shots.
#1 is Trysten...just a little nutz
#2 Baby Bryce and he's growing!!
and yes thats my new chair she's sitting in. I notice all the women who visit go straight to it!!


knottykitty said...

Hi Annie! Finally found your blog again! I couldn't remember the exact name, so I fumbled around for a while until I found it! Just popped in to say 'hi!' Was nice meeting your dil and grandkids on Sat. I LOVE that picture a couple of posts down of the lady stretching on the bed! Where did you get that?---it's so cute! deb

Anne Turner said...

found it on a vintage site. I thought it was cute to. Feel free to take it.