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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Keeping warm

I'm definately on a Mitt making frenzy! Heres a few of the ones I've made in the last 2 weeks.
#1 Purple Lambs pride with multi homespun from the post down a couple with the roving sitting in the chair.
#2 inexpensive Acrylic for a favorite Counter person who has been really sweet.
#3 I wish you could see them better. The wrists are knit of Rebecca's homespun. Its in a soft yellow with pink overtones. The colored is Vero-my new favorite. I worked from both ends of the same ball so I'm getting a totally different color combo. As someone said, "They are fraternal twins. Not identical." I like patchwork looking things so its great with me!
I am also working on another shawl for my longtime friend Judy. I've made her a Gold and Red one already. Now it Black..longer and wider. I think she sleeps with them. I'm making it out of Lyon Brand Homespun.
Its been a busy week. Monday I went with Ginger to look at a spinning wheel that she found on Craig's list. It turned out to be an old well loved wheel which I encouraged her to buy. The price was right. It only needed some oiling and a peg for the Scottish tension. It only has one Whorl but she's a new spinner so I think its perfect. I won't post a picture here..she's got plenty of them on her blog.
We helped Marshall buy a new car (to him) a 99 Cougar. The poor probe was just to beat up to keep fixing. Maybe some kid who likes to tinker will buy it for a couple hundred.
And if that wasn't enough Marshall's living room ceiling, in his apt, is leaking and its been 6 weeks and no one has fixed it. He's had it with the complex. It has rusty water..dumpsters that are always overflowing and a crime problem. Oh and asbestos in the ceiling ..thats leaking. Anyway, we looked at another smaller complex thats privately owned just a few blocks from my house. He's put down his money and has a nice 3rd floor .. quiet apt. He can move in at the end of Feb. I hope for the last time for awhile. Once a year is to often.
Guess thats it for now. I have a dr. appt on Monday to see what meds she's gonna take me off of or not......sigh. I think I'm doing pretty well. My blood sugar is staying around 90-110 which is good..right? Wish me luck.

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