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Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm in LOVE

I fell in love with this pattern from Magknits as soon as I saw it. Fighting with the bead needles I have at the moment but I'm going to Michaels tomorrow to find something that will work better. Urge to scream!!
I'll post pictures as soon as I have one finished. I think getting the beads on the thread is going to be the hard
UPDATE: Got the needles, more beads and more thread. I tried really hard not to over shop seed beads. Looking at a variety pack I bought makes me want to get the bead loom out again.
UPDATE 2: I spent Saturday playing with the pattern and wondered why it looked loose. Having trouble keeping the beads from traveling into the next stitch. Then late that night I read blogs of people who have made this bracelet. One specifically was complaining about the size of the needles and thats when I realized. It wasn't 0 (2.0)I was supposed to be using but 0000 (1.25). Where the heck do I find those? I've never seen anything smaller then 0. Wait maybe I have.. at Village yarn and tea!! But, then I thought... Maybe.. I can use the pins I use to make my Spinning wheel threading hooks! We shall see if that works better. I really must want this bracelet BAD!!


Anonymous said...

I think they have them at VYT! Pretty sure I saw them there the other day.

Anne Turner said...

Ya they did. I got a set of double pointed..its amazing how thin they are and how easy they are to work with. The bracelet is coming along.