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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Village Yarn and Tea - Touring Wrap

The big Shop hop was last weekend. VY&T had a free pattern for a sweet lacy wrap that looked easy and I already HAD some Lornas Laces (Helen's Lace) in pastel sherbert colors. I'm really loving this pattern. I started it Thursday and even managed to knit on it at the Dr. office. My hands shaking the whole time. I hate going to the Dr. But, I got outa there none the worse for wear and only one minor mistake in the knitting that I fixed while sitting in the room waiting.
I have a sweater I want to make for myself but have been waiting 3 weeks for the supplier to deliver the yarn to VY&T. Sigh.. Hope I still wanna make it when it finally gets here!! I have this all done in my head in a light aqua color.
I like how its fitted slightly and I always like doing cables. Ya.. I still love this
Delivered 18 new beads to VY&T. Some of them were totally different made to look likes leaves wrapped around. I ordered some maple leaf cookie cutters and will try using those next. OH, I roll my eyes when they ask for new beads but I really do enjoy making them. Just seems funny that after 20 years of trying to get my work in galleries that its the Beads that make it into a nice shop. Who could have guessed!!

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Darling, you've been tagged for a meme! Instructions are on my blog.