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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Got Tagged By Kim

The Lovely Kim tagged me. Was wondering why I'd never been tagged...mmmm...
So, 7 Random things about me.

#1 My husband Bill and my 3 Boys (Jerico,Wyatt(Jyll) & Marshall) and thier kids (Eryka, Trysten, Jayda,Bryce)and my extra kids
(Andrew, Grant, Shane & Marie) are the most important people in the world. Even the ones I only hear from occassionally.

#2 I got my first computer in 1982. I begged Bill not to buy it. I was afraid it would eat my brain. I think it did! I designed graphics for the TI99-4a for 4 years. Rarely walked far away from it. All the kids work in one computer field or another.

#3 As an add on to #2- I'm a video game Freak. For the last 4 years I've played Final Fantasy XI everyday. Heaven help anyone who asks me about it because I could talk about it for HOURS. A total geek!

#4 I hate Spiders!! I lived in Hawaii for a few my hippy days.. One of my memorable stories is how while living in Waikiki I saw my first Cane spider and Screamed like I was being Stabbed. I had the Honolulu cops rushing into my apt. with guns drawn in less then a minute. How embarrassing. Cane spiders can be 5-6 inches across. Gives me heebie Geebies just writing about it!

#5 I love Cats...I could be the crazy cat lady!

#6 Inside I'm a sassy Victorian Princess.. all flowers and Lace. Sometimes some of that sneaks out in little ways. A lace blouse.. flowery hair something.

#7 I own at least 100 pairs of earrings. I have a rule. If I leave the house without earrings I have to buy some. Most of the 100 I made myself and would be overjoyed to make you a pair. I cannot resist BEADS.. that should be #8 but it only asked for 7.

So whom do I tag? Don't wanna duplicate Kims.. so.. Sharon, Pam, Jyll, Emma, Rebecca , Nilda,
and Rebecca. Boy that was hard to do!
The rules of the meme game are: If you are tagged, list 7 random things about yourself on your blog, then tag 7 others, listing their names on your blog. Leave a note in their blog comments so they know they've been tagged and to read your blog. I've never been tagged for something like this before, so I hope all my taggees have fun with it.

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