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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Knitting content .. at last

After over a month of the "Knitting slump" I'm back in the groove. It took alot of spinning(which isn't technically knitting even tho it feeds it) and 2 pairs of fingerless mitts. I've made..mmm.. who many pairs of these mitts, maybe 10. I kinda sorta, made up the pattern myself and will post it when I figure out how to word things. Its "kinda sorta" cuz there are about a gazillion fingerless mitt patterns out there. Mine can only be a teeny original, I'm sure.

I finished spinning "Annies Pearl" Dyed by the "Ever Popular" Emma. It will be going into a shawl from Lace Style .
Altho my handspun yarn isn't LACE weight it is very thin. I think if I use a larger needle that it will be somewhat Airy.
I have actually figured out the provisional cast on (I think) and done 2 rows. I read over the pattern and didn't stare into space going "HUH"? Like I did other lace shawl patterns I'd looked at. Why do charts have to be so damn complicated!!? I really DO love knitting lace as long as it doesn't give me a Migraine. My brain doesn't work like it used to.
As for the Bathroom..its coming along. Work goes slow but at least it goes a little further each day. Bill had me pick up a rack for the ,dry side of the shower,for my shampoos etc. because the built in soap tray isn't bottle friendly. It has little ridges to keep the soap from getting slimey but shampoo bottles (full.. brand new bottles) tip and fall on your foot and possibly break a metatarsal. Which the bruises on my right foot might be. I don't know but it sure is colorful. Mostly I think it just irritated some bone spurs I've been fighting for owie owie.
Got to babysit my friend Cynthia's son, Jaden for the whole day. What a joy he was. Never cried except when she left for work. I forgot, however, how energetic 9 mo olds can be, as he climbed me like a tree every 5 min. While hanging on to my hands for support. I slept for 2 days after.
Today, Saturday, I get to baby sit the Grandkids. Not sure if its 3 or all 4 we get. I rarely see them anymore. Wyatt and Jyll bought a house in Granite falls. While not being on the moon, exactly, is still a long way away for someone like me who doesn't drive more the 5 miles from home..ever. So Saturday Knitting Ladies and Roger..and Brad.. I won't be there this week. I will miss you. Sniff!

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