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Sunday, October 12, 2008

October.. ya I'm here

October, all ready. We've been on strike (Boeing) for 6 weeks now. I'm actually getting used to having Bill around. First week was horrid. I cried alot. My schedule was all f...ed up and I never seemed to get enough sleep. I'm adjusting. Alot of the time I wake up around 6:30 and just stay up. Its so bazaar.

Knitting. OH yes, I am.. thank you. I have more projects then 2 hands can handle. I'm taking a class in Cat Bordhi's socks. Its fun and for a while I found it terribly frustrating ,till I realized after ripping it out countless times, that I was on the wrong damn page! Deb Barnes is teaching it over at Village Yarn and Tea.

Other Projects are.. 1. The sweater ,from the latest Spin off magazine, The Cloister sweater by Sarah Swett. Out of stash yarn in a soft minty green with brown and white tweedishness. I'm really liking the pattern and the yarn.
#2 is a sweater from the, New, Debbie Bliss magazine. It doesn't seem to have a real name but its out of Tweed bulky..which I'm cheap and using Lambs pride bulky- in a peacock tourquoise.
#3 crocheted flowers for a friend. I've had alot of fun with the book " Crocheted Flowers" by Nicki Epstein. I've made several.

Life goes and knitting. I'm spinning cotton candy pink at the moment.

Boy, I'm busy. AND Christmas is coming.. OMG

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