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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Catch up

Now that Thanksgiving is over ...Christmas looms in my mind. Oddly enough I'm nearly done shopping already. I love the internet! I love ..hee hee

Been working on several projects mostly for presents so I'm not showing any pics. Always seems if I show a Picture of a WIP that I never start it or never finish it. Delusions I guess.

I've had a lovely case of the flu/cold all week so mostly stayed in bed. Feeling much better now ..Thanks. Seems that my friend Donny in Wyoming has it too. Now I only talk to Donny on the is it we both wound up sick at the same time?? Wierd!

Did alot of Flat feet dyeing last Sunday at Elsa's, with Brad and Debby, from VYT. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Guess what some of you are getting for Christmas?

Been having alot of fun (inspite of being sick) with my 2 sons(Jerico and Marshall) that play Final Fantasy XI online. We get on Skype (an internet phone program, free) and chatter at each other and run Jerico threw his missions. He's trying to catch up a little even tho we have 6 years on him. Sure beats typing stuff.. Like.. "WATCH out, theres a goblin behind you!!" Because by the time you finish the sentence..he's already

Hopefully next week will be more productive. Nearly finished with the knitted presents. But, still have a little shopping to do. My husband is impossible to shop for. He already owns every tool known to man. Thanks to his loving wife of 36 years.

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