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Sunday, December 21, 2008


I CAN NOT believe how much snow we have!! I went to let the cats out the back door..which opens out..and it wouldn't go..a foot or more snow in the way!

Bill had cleaned off the walkway and driven his car only yesterday. You can't tell. The bricks that line the front garden..gone..disappeared like they were never there..but I know they are under there someplace. Poor tree out front looks like its going to break. Glad Bill trimmed back the big tree in the back since it breaks a few more branches every year. All I can say is WOW..

If it stays like this threw Christmas, I guess it will be postponed. Don't Hurt yourselves getting here. * Thats for Wyatt and Jyll..and my brother Mike. *
Everyone have a good Christmas and stay safe...Love you all!!

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