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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Been Busy... I guess

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple months. Lots of Doctor stuff for me and Hubby to get threw. Nothing to alarming. Not quite done with it yet either. I can sum it up... Colonoscopies. Freaks ya out, doesn't it? I dared my husband to get one by saying, "If you get one so will I." He called my bluff. I'm scheduled to start the process tomorrow. Meaning the first dr. visit.

Knitting.. ya I'm doing some. Working on another Selbu-modern hat. Slowly. The weather has been nice so I work on it in the sunshine. Finished the body of the Top down sweater I was making but I don't think its long enough..thinking of ripping out the seed stitch at the more time. 3 more inches should do it. I keep saying that, I know!

Kids? Well, Marshall is still looking for work. Had a few interviews at Microsoft due to a manager that likes him but so far nothing.

Jyll got a Graphic job with Star Aviation. She's been there a whole week +2. Congrates. The rest of her family is looking pretty good.

Jerico is home for awhile. Won't go into it. Lets just say... DOH! See you in court.. sigh!

Thinking about gardening....thinking is the keyword there. My neck is still giving me trouble but massage and chiropractic is helping it not be SO bad!

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