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Friday, April 23, 2010


Just found out that Marie is having a baby boy. I'm going to be busy busy making baby stuff. She specifically asked for everything to be Pirate themed.
The first one I'm working on is this:
Now thats the pattern pic.. not what I made so cool your jets!
I have made Sockies already. Now am working on the booties.
I have several things planned we'll see how far I get. If I post things I never start them so I'll show ya later. Don't wanna jinx it.
On the family front..Marshall got hired over at Microsoft,again. Jerico is still home and looking for local work.
I'm fine.. got through all my medical drama with not to much trouble. Bill got through his with a little drama...but all turned out well. I even got all my silver fillings replace (on one side). Looks awesome!

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