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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Birthday Presents

Hee hee.. Marshall got me an MP3 player. Like this one but white. I'm gonna have alot of fun with that.
Bill took me to breakfast/lunch and then we went to buy wood to make the new shelves for my yarn room.

Otherwise the day was pretty tense. Wyatt and Jylls new house is only just a little ways of the Stillaguamish river..south fork. The Rescue people came by yesterday morning and told them to get out. The road out was already flooded so the rescue guys opened the gate to the horse pasture thats behind their property to cut across. There is a gate at the end of one of the nearby roads. Guess they stayed with Jylls mom last night. Hope they get to go home. We saw some pictures on the news that looked like the horse pasture behind their house that didn't look good. Fingers crossed.
This is the house to the left of Wyatt and Jylls. Ambers house with their new fence. W&J's house is to your left and behind. She said Ambers house got more water then thiers did.
About 2 ft of water in thier garage...which had alot of boxes, toys and a GUYS area with sofas and TV etc. Which is all trashed now.

When I first looked at this picture I thought it might be the vcr and a cement wall but NO..its the vcr and my old Love seat. Sigh! What a mess. Sigh

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