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Sunday, November 12, 2006

New Projects

I asked my" talented husband" to build some shelves on a blank wall in my spinning/knitting room/guest room. I was thinking country cottage style, rounded corners, frilly brackets all painted white. The room is TOOO blue. I was also thinking that with rounded corners I was less likely to run my face into them...graceful ballerina that I am... pfft!
When I got home from knitting at Village Yarn and Tea he had the shelves all done and some stiles worked on the lathe. But, no brackets..cutsy isn't his thing. He asked me to draw out one and my brain .. tripped and face planted. So, I looked online..hee hee. This is a pic of a bracket I found. I wanted hearts.
As I said, I spent a lovely day at Village yarn and tea. When I got there Ginger was sitting there minding her own business. I plopped my behind down in the chair next to her...waiting for Terri. Next came Rebecca and Sandy to work on the Masters knitting thingie. Terri came and the party really got rolling. I've never seen so many people working on SOCKS in one spot. It must be the cold wet weather. Saw several people I hadn't seen in awhile and one or two new people. I had a wonderful time. The tea wasn't bad either! lol
On Wyatt and Jylls flooding...sigh...they have managed to haul 3 loads to the dump. How sad is that. They hadn't unpacked all the boxes from moving yet so there was still alot in the garage to be ruined. Well at least the Red Cross gave them vouchers that paid for the dumping. Now they have to try to clean up the mud. With horse pastures behind them and septic tanks all around its going to be a tough job. All those nasty germs. Hope they bought a couple bottles of bleach. I don't envy them the job. But, it looks like they have it under control. I have to keep reminding myself they are grown ups and don't need mommy and daddy interfering. Its hard...believe me!

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