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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day

Jerico and Baby Bryce on the floor. On the couch are Wyatt, Jyll and Trysten. The Table is Marshalls pride and joy.. He worked all summer on it just so he could Host Thanksgiving at his house. Lol.. today you are a son :P
To much food. The table and all the counters were full with stuff. We watched Ice age 2 and the Da Vinci code. Passed out on floors and couches and stayed to long. I think it was a success!
Oh yeah, Bill made THE Turkey in an outdoor roaster/smoker that he built. It was awesome!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Looks like you deleted a post but it maid it to bloglines first. Yes, knitting would be good. Yes, I freak out too. No, you're not a grumpy hag.

See you Saturday? Sock sorority at VY&T from 2-4.

Anonymous said...

wow, not maid . . . made! holey moley