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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy 33rd wedding Anniversary to US

33 years ago,
3 days before New Years eve, Bill asked me again what happened to that Idea about maybe getting married. We'd talked about it shortly 6 mo before when I thought I was Pregnant. I said,"I don't know?" and He said, "Well, you still wanna?" romantic is that!! So, we got a licence and 3 days later (New Years Eve) he called his mother ..who hated me (I was a retired exotic dancer..slut..maybe hooker..good grief) ask if she could arrange a wedding for us. She, pretty much, screamed "NO!!" and hung up.

Sidebar: When we first met she didn't want me in the house. Bill said fine then you don't want me either. Being the Favorite son, she relented 2 weeks later and invited us both down for the day.

So, her attitude didn't surprise us. What did surprise us was that she called back in 2 hours to say that all was arranged and that we should come down to her
We grabbed our friends Ron and Ginger and headed down. Me in a Forest Green dress and Bill in the only Suit he has ever owned. His mother had arranged for us to be married in a "CHURCH"..good grief!! When filling out the forms, the Pastor nearly refused to marry us because we had the same Address! For SHAME! But, it was late and we'd come a long way.. yatta yatta. SO, we got married 11pm New Years Eve. His parents and our 2 friends and my son Jerico ( Who refused to come into the Sanctuary because," GOD would strike him dead for all his lies."He was .
Afterwards we all went dancing at the Algiers nightclub. Jerico must have gone to a sitter..ya know..I don't remember..mmm. Anyway, we drank and danced(yes Bill danced) then went to his moms for "the reception". 5 min after we left the Algiers it burned lie..I swear. Never to be rebuilt!! The Reception was nice. She'd gone to the grocery store for a lovely cake. It said "Happy Bar Mitzvah Burney"...we scrapped it Bill and I cut the cake and she sprayed us with silly string. Honest ..I have pictures. Lol!! It was 1973..and by those years standards it was still pretty strange!
We drove home after.. I threw up on the tree being totally drunk on my ass..I went to bed and he fell asleep on the couch. So Romantic!! BUT, we are still together!
The sleeping fairy at the top of this story was my present for my sweet Hubby. He tells me I get to pick out a new recliner today also!! I let him buy that black barca lounger for HIM..I didn't know he intended it for me! My feet don't reach the floor and hence its very uncomfortable for me. Hee hee.


Norah said...

Happy Anniversary, Bill & Annie!!! What a great story and it's wonderful you've been together all these years!

Anne Turner said...

Good to see you Norah!!! Miss you

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I love that story. Definitely beats most folks I know and their wedding tales.

Rebecca said...

Mine story isn't nearly that funny although we were married in secret (Braveheart style) and kept it a secret for a year before we announce to our families we'd be "exchanging vows" the next day. It was our anniversary and in true Celt tradition we renewed our vows after a year to say we'd decided to stick with the union. To this day everyone still thinks we've been married a year less than we actually have! Mum was upset at the lack of a wedding but we assured her one would come, in Ireland or Scotland no less, on or about the tenth(official) anniversary!