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Sunday, October 07, 2007

New Project

No Ginger, I did not intend to copy you. Its just that Jyll and lil Jayda came knitting with me at VY&T. To keep Miss Jayda busy I had her look for all the pink yarn in the store..her favorite color. While playing this little game she went OOOOooo ,I like this!! Can I have this? A lovely lavender acrylic/wool blend and while looking threw patterns she jumped on this one. Go figure. So, A Lavender bolero gets started today.
So many patterns .. so much yarn.. so little time. I really am going to have to make some things up on the Bond knitting frame. All the yarn is getting oppresive..pretty soon I won't be able to breath for all the yarn!!


Anonymous said...

Oooh! Knitting Machine!!! I would love to see how you go about a project on the Bond. A lavender bolero sounds lovely. Someone has very good taste!

Anonymous said...

Copy Frog! =)

Anne Turner said...

your welcome into my mess anytime Betty