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Sunday, September 30, 2007


I LOVE my new Woolie Winder!! LOVE LOVE LOVE.. I finished Emma's "Tidepool" Roving. It went so quick and compacted extra lovely.
I started the pale green mohair which the consensus was that it smells like machine oil. Its not yummy wool smell. To bad the outside spinning season is over.. cuz of "rain".
Oh, and I believe our Saturday group will be moving back to Third Place Books. It was hinted that we take up to much space. Regardless of the fact that at least 4 of the people in the group can be considered vendors of this shop. We've been unwelcomed .. sigh!!
On a fun note.. JERICO is making DINNER!! I'm so happy!! BBQ chicken Calzones. yummm yummm!


Anonymous said...

Glad you like your WW. I keep looking at them, but have been able to resist so far. ;)

Anonymous said...

Annie - I don't know what happened, and I'm praying it was poorly chosen words. I'm there because of the community that has been built. I wish I could un-happen this. If I can be any part of a repair please let me know. Elaine (haigwidnerATgmailDOTcom)

Anonymous said...

wool? WW? ...J making dinner? Sounds like almost all is well at Frogs Lake. I'm sooooo glad you like your w.winder.

jenknits said...

The woolee winder is so liberating! I couldn't stop spinning when I first got mine!