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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Its September

Time is moving way to fast! Where did the summer go? I think I only saw a few days that were actually hot! Sigh... I hate being cold!
The bathroom remodel is coming along slowly. At least the shower is we're clean. Now, we are working on a Linen closet. I painted and primed the shelves that are now a lovely Aloe green same as the walls around the shower.

Next come the doors. Bill has been working on them for weeks. Seems an Old neighbor gave him just the perfect doors, when they moved away.. 10 years ago. They were so perfect he had to add wood at the bottom and add a piece of mahogany to the inside edge. OH, and so things don't get damp he fashioned a dealie to make round holes the size of CDs in the top and bottom of each door. He spent all day yesterday making mahogany slats to fit in the holes. One little strip at a time.. amazing. I will be painting the doors today. With the slats they should have an Oriental feel. I have planned a simple mural across them with minimal branches and leaves and a few red berries. Its a theme I use on alot of my art projects. I may have to put a light spray of a willow yellow where the mural is going because I think the green will wash out the leaves. I can maybe use the airbrush for that. Haven't used it in years. Thinking with my fingers
On the Knitting scene......working on socks for Marshall out of Dalegran Falk in a not to annoying charcoal color on size 5's. Going really fast.

Bought (I know I said I wouldn't buy anymore yarn, so I lied) some mushroom zephyr to make the lily of the valley shawl out of. Can't wait to start it but need to finish Marsh's socks first.
Jyll came knitting,at Village Yarn and Tea, Saturday. It was wonderful. I miss having my daughter inlaw close by. She made me (pfffft) buy pale green tofutsie sock yarn.

Got to play with the grandkids when we went home. Always amazes me to see them. They grow to fast!! My middle son is 31 me he's still that dreamy looking 17 yr. old. He used to have lustrous waist length hair that I would braid and run my fingers threw while he sat at the computer. He's buzz cut it all off.. can't get used to that.
Ginger and Emma tell me I'm going to Oregon Flock and Fiber with them in a couple weeks. I haven't gone anywhere without Bill in so long....will be really wierd. I'll try to have a good time tho. I'll have to buy yarn.. or roving.. its like a rule.. isn't it? Oh my goodness.. sigh.. whatever shall I do!!


Anonymous said...

You are definitely coming to OFFF, even if I have to follow you home and drag you into the car. You have to buy at least one thing (yarn or roving) because any purchases count as vacation shopping which we all know doesn't count as stash.

Sharon Rose said...


I wanna go!!!