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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

September Update

Ok.. here are some pictures of the new bathroom. Its slowly coming together. I will be doing a painting across those doors of a branch and cherry blossoms. Just waiting for Bill to quit messing with it. See the cute Frog door pulls he found? Awesome!!
All Wood surfaces are a rich Mahogany. The colors here are washed out by the flash.


Countdown.. 2 days till Oregon Flock and Fiber. Looks like its Ginger (driving) Emma, Jane and I. Hope we all snore. Cuz, I do. I'm so nervous..and excited!! I don't have a decent camera anymore so hope someone brings a digital.


Jerico gave up on buying a Sailboat. He went out yesterday and Paid cash for a Landrover!! WHITE! It was noted that if I traded my Bronco out for the Lil Mercedes around the corner ( that I LOVE and is for sale ) that we'd all have WHITE cars!! Is that a bad thing?


Sharon Rose said...

Which Benz is it? And what did you adopt at OFFF?

*enquiring minds want to know!*

Anne Turner said...

its the lil channel roof one. And what I adopted will be in the next blog entry.....News at 11 (or whenever)

Cindy, aka Maxfun said...

Hi, Annie! YOu left a note on my blog about finding your lost glasses at OFFF. I'm so glad the two of you hooked up again! I found them on the ground beneath the table and the other gals said you had been there looking for them, but no one knew how to find you. I guess when everyone packed up, they figured the best thing to do was leave them there in hopes you'd be back -- and you were! YEAH! I love happy endings! :)

Bobbie Wallace said...

Glad you found your glasses! I was one of the last ones to leave (actually after everything closed down) and we didn't know where lost and found was, so we left them on the table, hoping you'd see them!

So just how bad a falling down did YOU have at OFFF? Mine was pretty bad; haven't even posted about it yet.

Anne Turner said...

Well, Bobby and Cindy, thank you from the bottom of my heart. My husband was not pleased when I bought these glasses cuz they were so expensive. I'd been sitting there most of Friday spinning at that table. I totally freaked when I couldn't find my glasses later in the day.
AND, after buying a smallish fleece AND a woolie winder AND god knows what all.. I'll be posting pictures later today.
After I found them.. I spent another $ THANKS