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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Life as I know it

Just a quick catch up. Life has been a bit more interesting then usual. Not in a totally bad way.
My Eldest son, Jerico is staying in the "Yarn Room" till he can get his own Apt/boat.. whatever. Trying to talk him into sharing an apt with Marshall but so far I hear. I'm 40 and I need my own place. So, whatever! So.. ahem.. he lives with his parents. Oh well, its only till November when he goes back to his ship. He got a few months off.

Its interesting having him around. I always enjoy his humor. There is Alot of laughing when he's around and alot of running around it the car. Usually, its really quiet around here. So, it livens up the joint. Till it gets old.. anyway. I never heard anyone discuss heatedly with the Tv set ,like he does. And, laugh wildly with the same old commercials. Its amusing.. for the moment.
I am knitting. Socks mostly. I can't seem to resist the new sock yarns. I mean.. I don't really 'wear' socks. I'm a barefoot person. But, they are just so pretty!! On the needles now I have a pair of blue/purple megaboot socks. I had to cut off the toe and make them longer. Do you ever just wanna get them done NOW and do that? Well I guess I did. Also, started a pair of Grey socks for Marshall, who actually wears them. He's told me he LOVES them and even ventured into Village Yarn and Tea to pick out yarn for more pairs. Theres a good kid for ya.
I seriously(eyes to heaven) want to make the shawl that I posted below. Every yarn I've tried so far is to fat or to something. Annie's Pearl isn't going to work. I have to much of this yarn and not enough of that. I guess, I should just suck it up and buy more yarn but I'm trying reallly hard not to buy more yarn. Theres no more room in the drawers!

Its September already.. where did the summer go?

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Barb said...

I know just what you mean about putting the toes in socks because you want them done right now. Sadly with me having large feet and the rest of my family having medium to small feet, the socks I hurried to finish are not for me anymore but must be given to someone with the correct size foot.