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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Whats on the Needles

Just started last night. Sivia Hardings ..Follow the leader faroese shawl. Worked neck down. I'm almost to the first zig zag-i-ness.
I'm knitting it out of Emma's Dragon Fibers.. Tide Pool Merino/bamboo that I spun fairly thin. Its a very simple pattern and seems to be going pretty fast.
Finished Jayda's Lavender bolero except for the buttons which I'm researching now. Finished Marshall's Birthday socks which I forgot to give him after all that work!!
On the family new front.. Marshall got his raise!! Jerico started school (10days) to get his 200 ton masters lic. so he can pretty much work anywhere being captain of his own ship! No more cleaning toilets and cleaning up after the capt. He will be able to hire someone to clean up after
Everyone else seems to be doing great..nothing to new or Earth shattering.
Oh..the NEW project ..the hall linen well underway with mirrored sliding doors that we had to make Bill his own cloths closet then found out they were to wide. They fit perfect in the hall. Its a bit Alarming to come out of the bathroom to Mirrors showing you all your cellulite and mmm other fat(s) Especially if you're just wrapped in a towel. Shudder
We built this house in our 20-30s. Its been pretty much unfinished, except the bedroom, all this time. Its nice to finally get it done.
I have the nice green bathroom and a Peach/white bedroom that empties out into this hall. I'm trying to figure a color to paint it. The hall empties into the wreck room which has huge half circle windows made of glass blocks that show Green most of the year. What color do you think? I'm playing with the idea of a Cinnimon shade.. on the light side. Not to dark.


Anonymous said...

The new project is beautiful! I can't believe how fast it's knitting up.

Anonymous said...

I am with Betty. That shawl is beautiful.