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Sunday, February 24, 2008


Just checking in so you don't think I "really" became a vampire.. hee hee (gamer reference).
Jerico came home towards the end of last month. As usual he took over my yarn/sewing room. So, knitting has been kinda slow.
I did finish the smoke ring in the rose brown alpaca. I made it a little to big (who knew I couldn't tell a 6 from an 8 needle) and it had to be "control" felted. Didn't know you could do that? LOL, me either but I figured "nothing ventured nothing gained". Turned out just the right size. Only real problem with it is that its fuzzy and the fuzz gets up my nose. So, I'm making one out of Purple/green malabrigo yarn that I snatched off the shelves of Village Yarn and Tea. SIGH.. like I need more yarn.. is a sickness. Yarn Vampire?
Marshall was fired.. think I mentioned that and got a new job at Wowrack
The verdict on this job is still OUT. He's used to things being done perfectly and they *ahem* are a mess. It remains to be seen if he can downgrade his quality or upgrade theirs.
Jerico has now gone back to his ship and I have my room back. Spinning again.. now that I have my spinning chair back (a comfortable bentwood chair) and the lil tv. Busy spinning the lovely yarn I got from Emma at St. Distaff.
mmm, thats really all the news for now. The weather is clearing and I'm getting Spring cleaning fever. mmm, maybe its just hot flashes.. hee hee
OH OH oh, on a Grandkid note.. Trysten is going to be 6!! Can't believe he's that old already!


Anonymous said...

I remember being curious about "stashes" and planning never to have that issue. What is it about yarn that entices us away from our best intentions? The new yarn is beautiful and I can't wait to see the project finished.

Anonymous said...

I just got two kinds of Malabrigo - a worsted merino and a lace weight - and I'm thinking of the lacy smoke ring from the same place as your smoke ring. I loved looking at your homeschooling/personal web page and reading your blog. Tell Marshall to check out toolpatient220 on My Space - that's one of my daughters. He might like her, and she's moving back to CA in the summer... :)

Anonymous said...'s a link to her:

her email bring up something else!