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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Knitting and Spinning

Yup, I'm doing both. About half way threw spinning Emma's Dragonfibers Potluck 26 and Grasshopper.

Still working on the cowl I mentioned last time in the purple and green. Its light as a feather. Making a sweater out of this yarn would be heaven!
Got a New Rowan Magazine. I'm in LOVE with ALOT of these sweaters!! I really want to make the one on the cover. There is a kidsilk haze one that looks promising also. I have the yarn..just need another ball and I'm good.

Marshall quit Wowrack..ya know.. I don't think they even noticed. He sent them an email saying "Bye, see ya"really, he said more then that.. and has had no come back. Hope they pay him for his 2 weeks. It just was to stressful for him. He was sick every morning. Was really thinking he had the flu. When he went away. He's still waiting to hear if they want him back at Pogo. He's not just sitting tho. Lots of little Beta testing short time jobs out there. He's pretty much given up on Unemployment..they keep screwing him over.

My hubby has the flu....he's never sick!! I kept checking his heart but no..its just the flu. Its been going around at work. At least its just the achy coughing kind.. not the hurling kind..hee hee.

I'm still playing Oblivion....but I'm easing back in to Final Fantasy. I missed my friends. Several moved on to Lord of the Rings online game. Which I downloaded but absolutely hated. Its kinda pretty in an old fashion game way. Not realistic at all. With random ambient noises in the background that make you jump and think your being attacked! Bells, hammering and kittens mewing as your running across frozen ground..what the hell have they to do with anything? Anyway... I deleted it.

Trysten turned 6.. Happy Birthday Goofball Boy! The Whole, Wyatt & Jyll family came down last Sunday for Cupcakes and Autobots etc. Its Jylls and Jami's Birthday next. I gave her the pattern for "Here there be dragons" Shawl. Hope she can figure it out. I'd really like one but don't have the time to make one. Happy Birthday Ladies.
Well, if you read this whole bla bla bla.. I love you.. I really do! See you at knitting soon.


Jyll said...

lol I'm about a third of the way into the second round of charts, looking good:) only messed up about six times!

Thank you for the pattern.. I'm loving it!

Sharon Rose said...

Post some pics! I want to see your knitting and spinning!

PICAdrienne said...

Glad to see your post. The roving is beautiful, I am sure the yarn is as well.

I am a software tester, and I know a rather large insurance company in the U District is looking for testers. I will send you a more specific description on Ravelry.